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Soul’are, Back to the House Roots.

October 2009, Alex Paoloni chose the Pipesmokers for Soul’are, Back to the House Roots, the new Soul-Funk oriented radio show by Partygroove Radio. A radio show completely focused on the origins of what we call today House MusicSoul’are, Back to the House Roots is a journey through Funk, Disco, Soul, Hip Hop, Bossanova in order to makes clear where all the modern forms of House Music come from. Together with Alex Paoloni, Fabryfunk, Luca Finazzi and Max Caporale, the show goes on air every Wednesday and Sunday on Partygroove Radio at 10 PM GMT+1. Partygroove is available on FM for italian listeners (99.00 · 100.40) and it is broadcasted worldwide at A radio show can become event. House Music is made for the 90% of human energy. We took the show out of the radio six or seven times, we went to door by door asking for a venue that was fine with having a radio show going on from a real dance floor where human beings sweat following the beat. We collected hundres of no, but we got one single yes. Here is what happened, enjoy.

It has been all because of Tony Humphries. September 2009, legendary DJ Tony Humphries from New York City is supposed to come and play at Spazio A4 in Vercelli, Italy. This event is hosted by the most relevant House Music Radio in Italy, Partygroove Radio. As usual for an American DJ, Tony asks for a rotary mixer in his rider. Mirko and Alex Paoloni, heads of the radio, know that I own one. At that time I knew only Mirko, one of the first DJ I talked with as moved to Turin. Just few words at that time, but we shared our numbers and years after… Incoming call from Mirko Paoloni.
Almost like in a job interview I come out with one of the most formal “hello?” I have ever pronounced.

  1. Tony Humphries is coming to play 20 km far from my place.
  2. Tony Humphries needs a mixer, and he will use the mixer I have here in my DJ-bedroom.
  3. Partygroove Radio called me asking to be author of a new radio show.

Different dreams can come true at the same time.

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