Anthology at Ink, Beijing [China]

Anthology at Ink, Beijing [China]

98/13 Anthology
A 15 year journey through Alessandro Vigo’s record box.
5 hours DJ set from 23:00 till 4:00
House, Deep, Disco, Funk, Soul, RnB & Hip Hop
Visuals by The Dude

Then, in the back of the flyer:

It was 1996 when his uncle Massimo gave Alessandro a yellow music cassette and the obligitary Italian kiss on the cheek, telling him “I think you’ll like this”. From that day on, his Sony Walkman play ed no other cassette until the day it broke, leaving little Alessandro in fits of despair at it’s demise. That cassette was ‘Positivity’ by Incognito, one of the most influential Acid jazz albums ever released. Massimo sure had taste and little did he know it, but he had sowed the seed and set Alessandro off on a passion and talent for music that still burns just as bright, 15 years on today.

Down, in the middle of the rumble at Ink.

Two years later in 1998, while browsing through the endless pile of records at Disco International, a small independent record store that was used to be in Ivrea, Alessandro’s home town in Northern Italy, he stumbled across something else… ’Incognito’, here they were again with another album titled ‘Remixed’. Young Alessandro was intrigued, what does “remixed” mean? Throughout the course of the album, great artists incl. Masters At Work, Roger Sanchez, David Morales, CJ Mackintosh and Daniel Maunick defined and educated Alessandro in the concept very well.

Figli delle Stelle, last track for Anthology.

From this piece of modern music history, Alessandro’s passion for all things Dance Music, in particular House Music, was born. Alessandro Vigo will share with us, a journey charting his 15 years behind the Technics wheels of steel and into the digital age. He will be playing some of the tracks that have stood out for him at Anthology; a special commemorative party hosted at Ink, Beijing’s hottest new opening in 2013. All DJ friends are more than welcome to join Alessandro in the booth for a jam and get people to lose themselves in no holds-barred quality music all night long.

We’ll see you there for what is going to be an unmissable night!