Coaching with Purpose, Passion, Determination and Confidence.

These are the four main ingredients that helped Alessandro Vigo in planning the way to 12 World appearances (3 medals), 26 International appearances in between Asia and Europe (6 medals) and more than 80 National appearances (25 medals). Anyway, what really makes him proud about his coaching career are the 100+ Personal Best he helped to achieve.

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Trust the Process.

All qualities necessary to be a great athlete are already present in those who firmly decided to walk along the path of sports with modesty and discipline. The goal for a good Coach is to guide the athlete during the quest to the discovery of these qualities walking together throughout successes and defeats, in sport as well as in life. Simply be confident, stick to the program and trust the process.

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I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Alessandro in 2016 during his internship at ALTIS where I currently train. Not only was I impressed with his meticulousness as a coach, but also his enthusiasm and positivity. He was always quick to correct an athlete who was moving poorly or inefficiently (myself included). He is a wonderful coach and I am sure anyone who works with him will say the same.

Paul Dedewo

Tuve la oportunidad de conocer Alessandro en Altis donde destacaba por su pasión por aprender y el detalle de las cosas. Siempre atento al atleta y sus necesidades, te escucha y sabe detectar las problemáticas o debilidades encontrando la solución para seguir avanzando.

Fernanda Mackenna

From personal experience I have learnt that vast experience and know-how spiced with innovation, dedication and great communication skills are Alessandro’s recipe for the success with his athletes.

Alessandro is an up and coming coach with a variety of different experiences and language skills. He has sought out various training environments to refine his craft and is now ready to put those lessons into practice.

Andreas Behm

Alessandro est un des entraineurs les plus professionnels et dévoués que je connaisse. Sa passion pour l’athletisme ne fais aucun doute. Son sens du détails et sa volonté constante d’apprendre et de progresser font de lui un entraineur à part.

Humble, open-minded, positive, hard-working, persevering, broad-experienced and the most important: a good person. It was a pleasure to meet Alessandro and share with him knowledge and practice.

Alejandro Segovia Vilchez

I am happy because I had the chance to work with Alessandro and that gave me the opportunity to compare new theories of coaching with mine. His preparation and his communication are great.

Maurizio Pratizzoli

Conozco a Alessandro desde hace un año y solo puedo hablar bien de él. A parte de ser un gran profesional es una grandísima persona, que para mi, en los tiempos que corren, es un grandísimo valor. Siempre dispuesto a colaborar y aprender. Es un crack!

Miguel Ángel Garcia Quintana

Tanto a nivel profesional, como personal, Alessandro es un gran pilar en la formación de los atletas y un privilegio para los profesionales que trabajan con él.

Alessandro è un preparatore atletico estremamente preparato, professionale, con grande passione e notevoli esperienze in campo internazionale. Ottime capacità di lavoro in team, di comunicazione e di gestione degli atleti.

Andre dell’Angelo

Alessandro es un fantástico profesional del atletismo y del entrenamiento de fuerza. Durante nuestro período trabajando juntos aprendí mucho sobre el trabajo de deportes cíclicos así como el enfoque que realiza del trabajo de fuerza en cada disciplina.

Sergio Cañete Fernández

Extremely prepared on Track and Field with lot of knowledge on the most technical aspects, very good coach!

Emanuele di Marino and Arjola Dedaj

Alessandro exudes positivity and hard work, keeps the game in perspective, and teaches his athletes to train tirelessly, humbly, resiliently and confidently. His ability to challenge his runners to perform at their full potential was unlike any I’ve seen before.

Il confronto avuto con Alessandro è stato molto formativo, per me e i miei atleti. Mi sono confrontato con metodologie e protocolli di allenamento differenti grazie alla sua esperienza in Altis con vari atleti olimpici.

L’impressione che ho avuto di Alessandro é quella di una persona che non sia alla ricerca di apprezzamenti ma la cui gratificazione personale deriva dall’aver dato qualcosa agli altri.

Fabrizio Vitali

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