Basic: 3 day/week


The Basic plan is specifically designed for all athletes approaching Track and Field as a recreative activity but still want to live it with a professional attitude. This plan includes track as well as strength sessions for a totally comprehensive cycle of training.

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Program duration:
The program duration is 4 weeks.

Program delivery and methods:
Programs will be shared confidentially through Final Surge for easy editing and fluent exchange of information in between athlete and coach. The athlete is required to fill in the program with training results and personal notes (timings, weights lifted, RPE, mood, etc.)

Additional monitoring:
Thanks to Polar technologies and Polar Flow platform highly detailed training report can be additionally shared to have a more in-depth valuation of the load for each session and improvements along with the program. It is necessary to possess a Polar sensor and activate a Polar Flow account. Here is an example of a training report.

Training programs are highly personal. Sharing and reselling to third parties is strictly prohibited.

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