What is the distance between wickets?

This is the number one question I receive at all conferences I go when we start talking about upright mechanics, so today I decided to sit down and reply once for all.

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When you are losing your feet Wicket Runs can actually help.

This is Ana. Ana is training very well. We are trying to limit to her natural tendency to lean forward too much generating the typical over-kicking running style. How many of our guys have this attitude? Time to work what Americans call #uprightmechanics.

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Victoria Araujo Silva – Block Start, 100m Hurdles

Hello everyone, sorry for being one day late. I promised to send out this video yesterday but it has been a critically busy Monday. Anyway, here we go with a new video analysis.
This time we go about the transition from an 8 to a 7step approach to H1. A long work has been done over the last 6 months in order to have a pretty clear idea of where the 7 steps should land and after successfully execute the start in the training we decide to transfer the new start to the competition.
In the video I go in detail about each aspect of the start, here I list the main points:

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