Temple, Beijing [China]

Temple, Beijing [China]

Federica calls me: “Would you DJ for us (Galleria Continua) at Temple next weekend?”
Of course yes. One of the most spectacular venues in Beijing opens its gate for an exclusive party and I’m the on giving sound to the event.

The Beijinger about Galleria Continua:

There’s only a handful of 798 galleries that have consistently excellent exhibitions these days, but Continua is definitely one of them. Like a lot of Beijing’s best galleries, Continua has branches in Europe and is part of the international art circuit. Unlike many 798 galleries they’re not fly-by-nights set up by someone who “likes art” or thinks they can make some money hanging bad oil paintings of cute girls in Mao suits on the wall.

Continua occupies a large ex-factory space with a very high ceiling, and they specialize in exhibiting large-scale installations, like Antony Gormley’s “Another Singularity” earlier this year. Their exhibitions usually feature very high profile artists with international reputations – Gormley, Ai Weiwei and Michelangelo Pistoletto have all made appearances in the last two years.

As they usually feature one big installation and a few smaller related works, this isn’t a gallery to linger in for a long time. But it’s always worth dropping in to Continua if you’re spending the day up at 798.

Their openings are fun too, and the artist is usually on hand.

Entry is always free.