Instagram Memories from Ink, Beijing [China]

Instagram Memories from Ink, Beijing [China]

This post comes late. It’s more than two years ago now, time actually flies. That was Ink, the club in Beijing where anything related to audio and visuals was designed by me. I feel a bit lonely talking about it.

Kiran Patel take over at Ink.

Il finale, with a latin touch.

What is Ink?
Ink is an embodiment of sophistication, solicitous service and egalitarian spirit. Barriers between art and fashion, classy and modern, established and upcoming have been deliberately torn down, creating unique environment that is amicable and unpredictable. Ink embodies the passion of the avant-garde and embraces the new and unknown.

“墨” 代表了高端优雅的环境,精致周全的服务,和平易开放的理念。” 墨“意在打破艺术和时尚,经典和现代,权威和创新之间的任何障碍,创建一个能融合各种元素并激发无限想象力的环境。 “墨” 饱含着对新生事物,不可预知的未来,以及先锋理念的激情。