Haze, Beijing [China]

Haze, Beijing [China]

2011, April. Apertivo, Italian Bar in Beijing, China.
Hot and humid day in Beijing, I have to meet Maxime Bureau and Thomas Gaestadius. “They are the guy you have to talk with if you want to play in good clubs” someone told me as I landed in China.


Maxime: “Hi Alex. This is Thomas, together we built the very first underground club in Beijing. It was called White Rabbit. Have you ever heard about it?”

Alessandro: “Hi Thomas, nice to meet you. Actually yes, some friends living here for longer than me told me epic stories about that place.”

Thomas: “Hey, nice to meet you. Yeah, I had quite a lot of fun there… well, we are now thinking about a new club, down south in Guomao. Are you in?”

Alessandro: “Ehm… Yes, ok… I just, just need few info more…”

Thomas and Maxime: “Do not play commercial is the only rule, are you in?”


Six months after we started a monthly event called Let There Be House. At that time nobody knew that the party would have been desribed in few months as:

Let There Be House in Haze is the Party for those of you who know what Paradise Garage, The Loft and Body & Soul mean. It’s time for you to enjoy the real Groove, a pure House event you will never forget.

Thanks to Haze and The M Agency I had the possibility to meet, talk or even play together with international artists such as Henrik Schwarz, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Azari & III and Ellen Allien.

Haze has been nominated Club of the Year 2012 by City Weekend, Beijing.